With that in mind, we continue to expand the list of topics, lecturers and fields available at our platform for reasonable pricing!

Karen Lormann

The philosophy that led us to this service's creation stays the same to this day.

Initially, we founded this web platform to provide a better place for studying. The one that will be available not just for online students but for offline events as well.

We, as Ivy League graduates were inspired by the notion that knowledge is the light that needs to be spread across the world.

With the help from this service millions of people will be able to do 4 things:

In-house staffers:

Jon knows everything! He mastered web development topics he knew nothing about by self-educating and now he is our top lecturer!

Willard graduated from CalTech 19 years ago. Today he's a leading mind in physics and maths, as well as chemistry.

Cinematography and photo-shooting is the thing Bo felt passionate about since his Tennessee bound childhood. Now he masters it!

Karen studied advertising art and marketing craft for long 15 years of college and BBDO practice.

Foreign languages is Philipp's major. He knows 10 languages and he curates 10 different language courses here, at our platform.

Gerry is a leading designer. He will teach you all the basic and advanced things and techniques you will need in your professional practice!

Barack is the leading expert in political and public relations, journalism topics. Thousands of people already attended his lectures.

He's an uber experienced business CEO and CFO. Translates his practical experience to the new generation of pros!

Core Values



We have a wide choice of topics, that will fit for any student's need. Regardless if your major is astro physics or a UX design!


True Expertise

We hand pick each lecturer and a coach whom we host. Hundreds of more new, practically successful and trustworthy lecturers are coming each



We take grear pride in the fact that our campuses are located across 5 US cities. All for your convenience, our dear students!



We have our own way of making sure, that the information you've learned at our classes indeed sits well and will be remembered by you! It's our post-lecture exams.

With that in mind, we continue to expand the list of topics, lecturers

and fields available at our platform for reasonable pricing!

Never too late to learn!

Learn a completely new subject or upgrade and pimp up your knowledge in your field of profession!

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